17th March 2019 Private Investors' Parties
(by invitation)

18th March 2019 Blockchain initiatives

Mediterranean Conference Centre


9.00 AM — 10.00 AM


10.00 AM — 10.10 AM

Welcome and Opening remarks

10.10 AM — 10.30 AM

Blockchain and the Future of Humanity (Vinay Gupta)

10:30 AM — 10.50 AM

The Future of Money (David Siegel)

10.50 AM — 11.20 AM

Blockchain and the Future of the World Economy (Freddy Opsomer, Henrik von Scheel, Vinay Gupta, Eddie Hughes, MP) (moderated by Rob Knight)

11.20 AM — 11.35 AM

Social Implications of Blockchain (Badreddine Tazroutti)

11.35 AM — 11.50 AM

Networking break

11.50 AM — 12.15 PM

Blockchain for Public good : Leadership, Collaboration and Innovation (Lord Holmes, MP)

12.15 PM — 12.30 PM

Blockchain and Energy: Evolution or Revolution (Jo Jo Hubbard)

12.30 PM — 1.00 PM

Blockchain Space: Is the Regulation Lagging Behind?(Thomas Duenser, Thomas Naegele, Lindsay Graham, Iqbal Gandham, Bob McDowall) (moderated by Eric van der Kleij)

1.00 PM — 1.30 PM

Duel. Blockchain: Reality or Hype? (Bobby Lee vs Vinay Gupta) (moderated by Max Studennikoff)

1.30 PM — 2.30 PM

Networking Lunch

2.30 PM — 3.00 PM

How Can Blockchain Help Build a Greener Future? (panel) (Inna Braverman, Jo-Jo Hubbard, Derek Myers) (moderated by Matthew Dove)

3.00 PM — 3.10 PM

Presentation of Lichtenstein's Blockchain Initiatives (Adrian Hasler PM, Thomas Duenser)

3.10 PM — 3.20 PM

Presentation of Bulgaria's Blockchain Initiatives (Plamen Russev)

3.20 PM — 3.50 PM

Identity on Blockchain (Daniel Haudenschield, Alex Batlin, Johann Gevers, Michael Mainelli) (moderated by Matthew Farrar)

3.50 PM — 4.05 PM

The Social Impacts of Cash and How Can Blockchain Promote social inclusion? (David White)

4.05 PM — 4.20 PM

Networking break

4.20 PM — 4.40 PM

Fireside Chat: Blockchain and the Music Industry (MIA) (moderated by Jemima Kelly)

4.40 PM — 5.10 PM

Duel: Centralized vs Decentralized.Will We Ever Need Traditional Banks? (Nick Ayton vs Julian Wilson) (moderated by Eric Van der Kleij)

5.10 PM — 5.40 PM

Traditional Banks versus Crypto Banks: Re-Inventing Money (Evan Luthra, Julian Wilson, Brian Taylor, Plamen Russev) (moderated by Johann Gevers)

5.40 PM — 6.05 PM

Blockchain & Crypto Investment and Innovation (Chris Thomas, Brad Furber, Jason Grant, Antonius Link) (moderated by Vincent Everts)

6.05 PM — 6.30 PM

Social Impacts of Blockchain (Ian Schroeder, Matthias Mende, Toby Lewis, Kieran Arasaratnam, Irene Lopez de Vallejo) (moderated by Therese Torris)

6.30 PM — 6.35 PM

Closing Remarks

6.35 PM — onwards

Pub Crawl

8 Northumberland Avenue (for VIPs)

7.30 PM — 11.30 pm

Black-tie Halloween Gala & Awards Giving Ceremony
(The Gala powered by eToro CryptoNite)

19th March 2019
Crypto Investment

Mediterranean Conference Centre


9.00 AM — 10.00 AM


10.00 AM — 10.10 AM

Opening Remarks

10.10 AM — 10.30 AM

Investing in Crypto: 1 trillion USD opportunity (Lex Sokolin)

10.30 AM — 11.00 AM

Crypto Investment as an Alternative to Traditional Investment (Lucas Friss, Plamen Russev, Tomer Federman, Richard Titus) (moderated by Eric Van der Kleij)

11.00 AM — 11.25 AM

Tokens and Tokenomics (David Siegel)

11.25 AM — 11.40 AM

Antonius Link: The Future of Advertising

11.40 AM — 12.00 PM

Coffee Break

12.00 PM — 12.15 PM

ICO Pitching Sessions

12.15 PM — 12.30 PM

How will digital currencies transform the world? (Roger Ver)

12.30 PM — 1.00 PM

New Economic Model : Tokenization of Everything (panel) (Thomas Power, Claire Wells, David Siegel, Evan Luthra) (moderated by Noelle Acheson)

1.00 PM — 1.30 PM

Duel: Bitcoin - Real Value or a Bubble? (David Siegel vs Bob McDowall) (moderated by Theo Priestley)

1.30 PM — 2.30 PM

Networking Lunch

2.30 PM — 2.45 PM

ICO Pitching Sessions

2.45 PM — 3.15 PM

Smart Contracts: Ensuring Fairness, Enabling Global Commerce" (Sean Murphy, Chris Wray, Sophia Adam Bhatti, Thomas Naegele) (moderated by Brad Furber)

3.15 PM — 3.30 PM

Stablecoins: Overhyped or a Tipping Point for Broader Cryptocurrency Adoption? (Garrick Hileman)

3.30 PM — 4.00 PM

ICO versus VC as fundraising methods (Ruslan Gavriljuk, Ransu Salovaara, Evan Luthra, Richard Titus, David Siegel) (moderated by James Roy Poulter)

4.00 PM — 4.15 PM

The Future of Security Token Offering (Ransu Salovara)

4.15 PM — 4.30 PM

Networking break

4.30 PM — 5.00 PM

An Duel. ICOs: Dying or Developing? (Jonny Fry vs Michael Mainelli) (moderated by Max Studennikoff)

5.00 PM — 5.15 PM

Insitutional Investing in Crypto (Dennis O'Neill)

5.15 PM — 5.45 PM

Family Offices and Crypto Investment: Perceptions, Risks and Lurning Curve (Ray Hindi, Avi Levi, Steve Kelso, Alex Carter-Silk) (moderator Nick Ayton)

5.45 PM — 6.00 PM

ICO Pitching Sessions

6.00 PM — 6.15 PM

How Will Real Estate be Disrupted by Blockchain? (Kai Peeters, Matthew Margetts, Steve Sillam) (moderated by Shane Kehoe)

6.15 PM — 6.30 PM

ICO Pitching Sessions

6.30 PM — 6.40 PM

ICO Contest: Winner Announcement and Closing Remarks

Private Parties and London Pub Crawl


Private Parties (by invitation only)